Zone Settings

View and edit the zone information in the zone detail. Click the selected zone list item to open the zone detail.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You can set multi-factor authentication for all the devices in a zone. You can select just some of the authentication methods but always keep the following order:

  1. Mobile Key

  2. RFID card

  3. Fingerprint

  4. PIN code

Caution|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/caution.png Caution

Remember to keep the sequence of authentication methods while using multi-factor authentication.

The necessity of multi-factor authentication can be limited by a time profile. With multi-factor authentication on, the Use Multi-Factor Authentication option is displayed for you to choose a time profile using Ikona-pen-edit-acom. If Anytime is selected, multi-factor authentication will always be required.

Multi-factor authentication can only be required for zone access. This setting only applies if access points are used.

Access Settings

You can set a bulk PIN Code for Zone Access on the card or display the PIN code if already created.

Moreover, you can enable/disable the following functions in Access Settings:

Silent alarm – once a special code is used, Silent alarm is activated, which sends an alarm report; the device does not signal any alarm sounds in this mode. Set the special Silent alarm code and function in the device configuration.

Access lockout – after five unsuccessful attempts, the next attempt will not be allowed until 30 seconds pass.

License plate authentication – vehicles are granted zone access based on their license plate verifications by all the devices that support this function.


The card shows a list of all the devices added to the given zone. More devices can be added on the card.

If used, access points are assigned to a zone. The access point type for the given device is described as Entry to Zone.

Available authentication methods are displayed for each device / access point.


This card shows a list of the companies that are granted access to the zone. Multiple companies can have access to one zone.

Access Rules

This is an overview of all the access rules that you can edit or create. By creating an access rule, you grant zone access to a particular group. To create a rule, enter the group and a time profile to limit the group’s zone access.

Click the selected access rule to edit it.

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