To control the floor lift access, connect the AXIS A9188 relay module to a 2N IP intercom (2N IP Verso2N IP Force2N IP Safety2N IP Vario) or to an Access Unit. Up to 8 relay modules can be connected to one 2N IP intercom or Access Unit, each of which can control up to 8 floors, which makes a total of 64 floors. Make sure that the licenses for 2N IP intercoms (Part No. 9137916) and Access Unit (Part No. 9160401) are active for this function.

Lift Control Settings

  1. Go to the detail of the device to be used for floor access control. Activate lift control in the advanced menu ikona-three-dots-acom. Lift is displayed in the device detail.

  2. Go to Ikona-settings-acomhardware configuration of the device in the device detail header. Enable the lift access control modules in Hardware > Lift control. If the modules require authentication, enter the user name and password. Save the settings. Click the cross in the upper blue bar to quit configuration.

  3. Go to the Lift tab in the device detail.

  4. Select the relay output for the floor for which access is to be set on the Lift floors card. Specify the output(s) as follows: io_module_relay output. Click Ikona-pen-edit-acom.

  5. Name the floors and select a floor zone to be accessed in the open dialog box. Thus, only the users with valid zone access based on the defined access rules may access this particular floor. If the access rules are not to be applied, select public access allowed. Select a time profile to limit the public access to a period of time defined by the selected time profile. Beyond this time profile, access will only be granted to the users with valid access based on the access rules.

    Caution|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/caution.png Caution

    If access is set according to the zone access rules, the lift device does not assume any of the other zone settings (PIN code, multi-factor authentication, silent alarm, etc.).

Lift Floors

If enabled, a list of all configurable floors is displayed on this card. Each floor has its designation in the sequence of the module and relay output. Each floor can be assigned a name of its own.

Lift Control Modules

This card shows all the connected AXIS A9188 modules including their current states. Enable the modules in the device configuration in Hardware > Lift control.

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