User Rights

Multiple users can manage accesses in Access Commander depending on their assigned rights or privileges.

Accounts with extended rights are set through the role in the user settings. One user can be assigned multiple roles.

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User rights relate to the management within the user’s company. The administrator has access to the complete management across the companies.


  • System and module settings according to the valid license.

  • License Change.

  • All rights of other roles related to all the companies.

Access Manager

  • Creating and managing groups.

  • Adding users to groups.

  • Creating and managing time profiles.

  • Setting access rules.

User Manager

  • Creating and managing users.

  • Creating and managing visitors.

  • Managing user and visitor assignment to groups

  • Viewing access and system logs.

Visitor Manager

  • Creating and managing visitors.

  • Managing visitor assignment to groups (not available in the simplified interface).

  • Viewing visitor access log (not available in the simplified interface).

Door Manager

  • Viewing camera transmissions from assigned devices.

  • Remote opening of assigned devices.

  • Emergency lockdown of assigned devices.

  • Viewing access log of assigned devices.

  • Monitoring states and security events in the system log.

Attendance Manager

  • Monitoring and managing attendance of assigned groups.

  • Viewing access log of users in assigned groups.

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