General Information

2N Access Commander is a software tool for access system bulk management. The Access Commander interface is available via a web browser.

Within one installation, the Access Commander settings can be divided into Companies and managed separately. This enables you to distribute management among the administrators in the companies. Thus, the administrator from one company has no access to information from another company. The administrators from one company cannot see the users of another company.

Add Device to Access Commander for access management. Devices are access controlling (2N intercoms or 2N access units) or communication providing (2N answering units) physical units in a building. Devices are gathered in Zones. Each device can be in one zone only.

Zones or devices can be shared by all the companies, which helps manage the company access to common areas (entrances, restaurants, conference halls, etc.).

Users are individuals whose movement around the building is to be managed or who are to be called from the connected devices. Users are gathered in Groups for bulk management of their zone accesses. The user authenticates themselves on the device and the device then evaluates the user access for validity. Access validity obeys the Access rules. Selected users can also be entitled to manage Access Commander or parts thereof.

Time profiles set the times at which the device grants access or the users can be called.

The Attendance module monitors user attendance.

The Presence module monitors the current user presence in the zones.

Visitors are persons whose access rights are limited to a limited period of time.

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