Enabled USB readers

USB readers connected to the PC used for access to Access Commander can facilitate uploading of some user authentication methods. Remember to enable the readers in Settings > Credentials > Enabled USB readers in Access Commander.

Click Allow readers to open a dialog box to enable/disable the use of an external USB device. Subsequently, click Change to edit the enable.

Access Commander enables you to use the following USB devices:

  • 125 kHz RFID card reader Part No. 9137420E, AXIS Part No. 01399-001

  • 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz RFID card reader Part No. 9137421E, AXIS Part No. 01400-001

  • Fingerprint Reader– Part No. 9137423E, AXIS Part No. 01401-001

  • External USB Bluetooth reader (dongle) – Part No. 9137422E, AXIS Part No. 01402-001

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