Date and Time

Date and time can be synchronized with the Internet or set manually in Access Commander. Change the date/time retrieval method in Settings > Configuration > card Server date and time. In case Access Commander is disconnected from the Internet, set the date, time and time zone manually. If connected, switch to NTP and get time from the NTP server. In that case, set the time zone only. The NTP server updates date and time automatically.

Caution|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/caution.png Caution

Once the time change is saved, Access Commander restarts automatically.

Time Synchronization with Devices

It is possible to synchronize the device time values with the Access Commander time. Enable the Device time synchronisation parameter in Settings > Configuration > Server date and time card to share time with the devices.

When time synchronization with devices is on, choose one of the following synchronization methods:

  • Devices Use Same NTP Server – the device time obeys the NTP server set in Access Commander.

  • Devices Use Access Commander as NTP Server – the device time synchronizes with the Access Commander time.

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