Recommended Hardware

Access Commander is affected by the count of connected devices. Therefore, set the hardware size according to the real situation. The table below shows the recommended minimum CPU core counts and RAM sizes for different device and user counts managed by Access Commander.

Caution|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/caution.png Caution

It is recommended that you keep continuous connection between Access Commander and the devices. When disconnected, the devices save the event logs offline and, once reconnected, synchronize the log data with Access Commander. The application keeps running during synchronization, but the process may take a rather long time with a high number of devices.

Table 2. Virtual Machine Hardware

Device count

User count

Minimum CPU core count

Minimum RAM size

1 000

10 000


2 GB

2 000

100 000


4 GB

2 000

200 000


8 GB

7 000

200 000


16 GB

Table 3. Access Commander Box

Connected device count 2.0

User count 2.0

User count per group




We recommend that 1500 users per group is not exceeded. If there are some restrictions in the area, such as Anti-passback or occupancy check due to a high user count, the application may slow down.

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