The Devices page shows all the devices added to Access Commander.

Filter the list items using filtes-acom above the list. Or, click ikona-three-dots-acom in each column header to open an extended menu and set filters for each column. The extended column menu edit-columns-acom also enables you to move, pin to the first/last position or hide the columns.

Press Ikona-export-acom Export above the list to export the list as a CSV file or print out. The time is GMT+0 in the CSV file exported.

Select multiple devices to be applied the following bulk actions to:

  • Manage selected devices

  • Remove selected devices from management

  • Back up selected devices

Devices States

  • Online

  • Unmanaged

  • Incompatible

  • Offline

    • Login Failed – wrong login data has been entered into the device web configuration in Access Commander.

    • Inaccessible – Access Commander cannot establish connection with the device.

    • Invalid Certificate – SSL certificate verification is required and the device has no valid SSL certificate.

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