License Suspension

A license is suspended whenever the license device keeps disconnected from Access Commander for a period longer than the protective period. The protective period lengths depend on how long the license device was connected to Access Commander. Refer to the table below for protective period values.

When a license is suspended, all the connected devices are automatically removed from the management and marked as unmanaged. To reactivate them, connect and activate the license device or have a new license file generated and uploaded for another device.

Once a new license is uploaded, first activate the license device for which the license has been generated. The other devices cannot be activated until this license device is activated.

Period of time during which the license device was connected to Access Commander

Protective period during which Access Commander will keep running without the license device connected

less than 24 hours

1 day

1 day – 30 days

10 days

31 days – 180 days

1 month

over 180 days

3 months

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