In Access Commander, it is possible to create profiles for the visitors who are authorized to enter the facility for a limited period of time. A visitor can be assigned an access card and an access code and the visitor’s vehicle license plate can be registered. Attendance is not calculated for a visitor. The visitor count is not limited by any license.

Visitor Data Retention Settings

The administrator can set the retention period for visitor data. The visitor data retention period is set in days by clicking the icon Ikona-settings-acom next to the visitor creating button.

When the visitor access time interval and the preset data retention period have expired, the visitors are automatically deleted at midnight every day. The visitors that are still assigned visitor cards are not deleted.

Note|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/note.png Note

The setting can be used for meeting the local data protection regulations. The visitor’s name and note will be retained in the Access Log according to the lifetime setting in the log administration.

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