Setting Device Access Points

The devices (2N intercom or 2N Access Unit) can have up to two access points. Each access point allows for passage in one direction. Access points differentiate passage direction through the device. Each access point can be assigned one or more readers that are connected to the device and work in the direction of the point. Access points are used for recording a zone entry/exit. They have to be used if the device is located on a zone border.

In addition, access points help monitor the users in the Presence module. Also, access points are used for monitoring entries/exits in Area Restrictions.

Note|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/note.png Note

The access point settings in Access Commander are propagated into Services > Access control in the device web interface:

  • Access point 1 = Entry Rules

  • Access point 2 = Exit Rules

Setting Access Rules

  1. Enter the web configuration of the selected device.

    Tip|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/tip.png Tip

    You can enter the device web configuration directly via the interface in the device settings.

  2. Go to Hardware > Extending Modules.

  3. Find the module that provides the access to be used as access point 1 (Entry) or access point 2 (Exit).

  4. Set the required direction in the Door parameter and save the setting.

  5. Go to Zones in Access Commander.

  6. Press Ikona-settings-acom in the right-hand upper corner and enable the use of access points.

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