The Presence module is an extension to the Attendance module and displays the list of currently present employees. Remember to set the attendance IN-OUT mode in v Settings > Configuration > Attendance card, refer to Attendance Settings, to make the module work.

  • If Arrival (IN event) is the last event of the day, the user is considered present.

  • If a user passes a reader with an unspecified direction, the user zone will be changed. The same happens if the user passes the reader in the IN mode.

  • If Departure (OUT event) is the last event of the day, the user is considered absent.

Caution|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/caution.png Caution

The Presence module does not work correctly if the FREE attendance mode is selected. The only mode to be selected is IN-OUT.

User Presence Expiration

Click the icon Ikona-settings-acom in the right-hand upper part to set the User presence expiration. The User presence expiration sets automatic deletion of the user’s presence record if the user fails to record the departure. This timeout is expressed in hours and defines the timeout after which the presence record is deleted automatically after the last passage of a present user. This timeout helps define how long a presence record can be kept in the system if the user is not considered absent. This ensures that the list of present users remains up-to-date and free of records on those who have left the building without checking out.

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