Access Commander helps you monitor user attendance. The user entry/exit times are recorded in the Attendance mode.

Set Attendance and its modes in Settings > Configuration > Attendance, refer to Attendance Settings.

Caution|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/caution.png Caution

Make sure that the user attendance monitoring license is active in Access Commander to monitor attendance properly. Remember to activate attendance monitoring for each user in the user settings.

The Attendance page provides a list of users whose attendance is to be monitored. There is an icon Ikona-export-acom in the right-hand upper corner, which helps you download a CSV file including summary attendance data for all users. Specify the time interval for attendance data generation before download.

Specific User Attendance

Select a user from the user list on the Attendance page to display attendance details for this particular user. The list only shows the users for which attendance monitoring is allowed, refer to Users.

Choose a month in the upper part of the list for which attendance should be displayed. In addition, the set working time for the given month, balance and worked hours are displayed.

There is an advanced menu ikona-three-dots-acom next to the user name, which allows the given user’s attendance data to be exported into a CSV/PDF file. Both the files include daily records.

Tip|/-/media/Images/Manuals/css/tip.png Tip

User attendance can also be viewed in the user detail, which is selected in the user list on the Users page.

User Attendance Change

The attendance manager can edit the user attendance data. To do this, click the time interval to be changed. You can also edit the border times and add a note to an interval.

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